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zefron_icontest's Journal

zac efron icontest - challenges all about zac! <3
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a zac efron icon challenge

the community ;

Welcome to zefron_icontest, which stands for: zac efron icontest. It's a simple contest that will consist of icons in 100x100 (and quite possibably 150x150) size. And of course it will feature the yummy Zac Efron.

challenges will start when we have enough members.
looking for ;

I am currently looking for:
- Two co-mods
- Two banner/award makers

apply at this post right here.
the rules ;

If you're going to participate in this community, you're going to have to follow some rules:

  • Most important: enter the challenges ;)

  • Please remember: to vote so we can declare a winner

  • No disrespecting other members. If you have problems with someone please leave it out of my community. Thanks =)

  • You can use anything you want to prettify your icons such as text, textures, and brushes.

  • Don't post your entries anywhere else until the voting process is complete.

  • Good luck, and please have fun!

  • Promote us! We'll need members! <3

outline of when the challenges will be posted etc ;

The challenges will last one week.
  • On Sunday challenges will be posted; you will have five days from said Sunday to submit your icon or signature. So your deadline will be on Friday.

  • On Saturday following the deadline date, voting will be posted. Voting will be up for 3 days

  • On Sunday a new challenge will go up(while voting is still open).

  • Monday voting results will be posted.

  • And banners will come soon after that. =)

the inspiration ;

First off, I LOVE Zac Efron and I went over to my other icon challenge community and saw it had died. And I could stand the thought of not having a icon challnege community dedacatied to this wonderful guy. And so here we are, i hope with new mods and new challenges this community will be great. =)

the affiliates ;

If you would like to affiliate with zefron_icontest, please contact one of the mods. Or you can simply post here.


promote ;

Pimp our buttons and banners in your userinfo's and communities. You know you want to. <3

other ;

Stylesheet by refuted
killjoy_jane for community icon, button and banner. && the banner over community info.